Fresh Download, Came Signed-in to Account "PopularBike220"?

Likely not a actual issue, as I could just sign out, but it’s worrying me. Does this mean the account might be connected to someone else, as such connecting my app to another PC? Or is this just some weird default Guest name?

I’ve used WeMod in the past, but I only just realized I never re-installed it after switching computers a few months back. So, I searched “wemod”, clicked the site (first result), then Download for Windows option. If I click Switch User in the app, it tells me that it doesn’t have a email or password associated with it yet. It’s not my account, and it doesn’t strike me as a default Guest account name, so why was it logged in? It has 100 WePoints on it, and has the Upgrade to Pro options, but is this someone else’s Username?

Hello there,

You have been logged out of your account.
When this happens, you are given a temporary guest account.
Simply click the down arrow in the top-right of WeMod and click Switch User. Then sign into your account. :slight_smile:

Quest names are randomly generated nonsense with a number on the end. JammyKoala222, FastVase16, DarkMop712 etc.


Thank you for responding so quickly. Good to know it’s nothing to worry about, then. :slight_smile:

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Enjoy using WeMod with your games and always feel free to pop along to the forum here with questions or just to hang out/grab free games. :slight_smile: