Full Limbo Arcade Game for free!

  1. Download this file and extract them
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

  2. Goto “Content” and inside the “0000000000000000” folder place the downloaded file, and go back to the Content folder and place the downloaded profile

  3. Start your xbox and sign in to the downloaded account (DLC4 BY MEXICAN)

  4. Run the game

  5. When you see “Press Start” press the xbox guide button

  6. Press X to sign out of the downloaded account and sign into your account

  7. Go back into the game and play the full game! :smile:

(You need to have your internet cable plugged in)

I am not responsible for anything that might happend to you or with your profile/xbox account or anything else. This is for educational purpose only! Do everything at your own risk!
Oh, and I take no credit for this other than editing the tutorial a little bit

If the folders doesnt exists, just create one!

Thanks for this :smiley: I don’t have any MSP so this shall be good :stuck_out_tongue:

i already had this game you should have posted this sooner!

well, it looks like you can do this with any game now, just register at www.xbox360iso.com and download the games you want and follow my tut…

Is This A Game Worth Downloading?

Wow thanks dude.

No problem, and I edited the tutorial a little :wink:

This has already been posted live 10 times >.<

I posted it a week ago >.<

the link is not work

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