G’day peeps!

Used WeMod free for about a week and decided to go pro (love the interface and massive library of games!).

Aussie here, just thought I’d introduce myself. Been a gamer since forever (Atari 2600) and hopefully I’ll live to 70 and still play lol.

Life has changed; married, big mortgage, busy but rewarding job, soon to be a dad but yet I’ll always find time to relax and game on.

Used to be a sweaty, legit competitive COD/BF nut but more focussed on single player experiences and just chilling, soaking in the great graphics that we now have. So that means games like Assassins Creeds, GTA’s, Witcher’s etc. AC Odyssey is getting me hooked into RPG games so keen to explore more titles like this. Obviously with me being a bit time poor now, trainers like WeMod vastly help me to enjoy the game more in less time.

I also have a side hustle building custom PC’s; anything from putting components together to a fully custom water cooled configuration. I’ll send some pics of my current rig if anyone’s interested.

Anyway, looking forward to this new community!


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Hi welcome to wemod thanks for being a pro member !
Nice to read about other players, well if it helps I have been playing forever too and still playing everyday and I’m ohh 50 something. !
Well have fun !