Galaxy Tab 3

I need help with my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 tablet. I’m trying to upgrade the firmware to 4.4.2 kitkat because an update came out for the Tab 3. My current version is 4.1.2 and my tablet says that it has the latest update when it clearly doesn’t. I’ve been trying to find a place that I can download the update/rom but am having no luck. Does anyone have any knowledge on this and/or a download link that actually works?

Tried this?

The Samsung Program?

I think their is a way to do it through USB from your computer just how they did with the galaxy S2 and we had to upgrade it from the old firmware to the new jellybean at that time cause i remember having to do that to my old S2 phone but not sure about the Tab3 but check the website

Yeah, I tried this already. When I look for updates on Kies it says “This is the latest firmware” when it clearly isn’t.

You sure your device support the update? You might want to contact their support. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t show the firmware in Kies.

It’s alright now. I did the long process. Custom recovery TWRP and the root SuperSU then used NoleKat 2.1. My tab is now running 4.4.2 KitKat and found a cool trick where the interface is like that of the Tab 4 even though mine is a Tab 3 :smile:

Watch out with the warranty now.

There’s no warranty, I got it off of eBay lol. I don’t really care about it anyways. I’ve got so many electronic devices it wouldn’t really matter :stuck_out_tongue: