Game crashes when I open via Wemod app

I just downloaded Prey and I tried to open the game from the Wemod launcher because I wanted to play with cheats it takes a little time then the game starts then it immediately crashes and wemod stops then I tried with the launcher and it works completely fine.

Ok. So you got it to work ? Or no ?

It usually helps for certain games if you launch the game first then alt+tab to press play in WeMod.

Some games also have things that you need to do before using the trainer, such as disabling anti cheat systems or installing a custom launcher. You need to make sure you read the notes in the trainer.

Which trainer are you using and where did you get your copy of the game from?

I’ve already tried that and it just closes the game and I got it from steam and there are no notes and I tried all of the such.

^ :slight_smile: