Game Modding help

Hey everyone. I just downloaded a .torrent file from This Direct Link, 3DMGAME-Skullgirls_XBLA_XBOX360.torrent and successfully extracted it out. Then I get a file called “4715702856E31B28DBD1CA67F4EFD91D2A7877A058.file” So I decided to see if it was the game. So I went to xbox website and checked out the file size for the game… 1.19 GB. Then I checked the file size for that file I just got… 1.19 GB. So I know it is the full game. And I know there was a required patch for the game, so I downloaded that to my Xbox as well before I added the game. So I went to Horizon and added the skullgirls game, and after a few minutes, it said:

The following packages were successfully transfered to Xbox flash drive:


However, when I tried to find it in my Xbox on my flash drive, the game says corrupt. Why is that and how do I fix that? am I supposed to convert it to a GOD file? it wasn’t in a .iso format. it was in a .torrent, then a 7zip, then extracted to be a .file

here are the pics:

Also, I TRIED used this video, but can’t seem to figure it out nor can I do it because it was not a .iso file, so I can’t use ISO2GOD:

And in the vid, it said to copy certain parts of the code onto the game, but it was already like that:

And this is the pic of it saying corrupted sorry if pic is sideways. I always get confsused on which way is upright and which way is not when taking pics with my phone XD:

So can someone give me a detailed instructions on how to make it so that I can play this game (fix the “corrupt” part of it) and send me the step by step instructions to [EMAIL=“”]this link I am always on that email. I greatly appreciate it

You cant fix this, unless you buy an RGH/JTAG console.

dang it. welp. time to find a .iso