Game not even listed?

Hello. I currently purchased a game called Grim Realms. The game was released (in EA) in 2001 but it’s not even in wemod’s library. Considering it has Very Positive reviews, I’m just not sure why it’s not even in the library?
A youtuber mentioned it changed its name but i do not know what the old name was…

It IS listed but it’s under the original title of Grim Nights 2.
It’s not popular so there’s no trainer for it.
And I mean not popular.
According to Steam charts two years ago when it came out the all time high player base was only 67, with only 18 player high in the last 24 hours.

Yeah, I figured (that it wasn’t popular enough for a trainer) but thank you for the listing!

That being said, click on the “notify me” tab, because that is how popular a game is (the more people that click it, the higher chance one will get made).

As per what was said by AussiePixelBit in another request :