Game not found: Drag and Drop not working (3.0.0-BETA7)

Dear developers,

I can’t seem to get any drag and drop action working. It just comes with this type of icon:

Not a big deal as I just use the other option to select the folder. Which has this nice remember function build into it that is just excellent.

But I though I report this as I have searched the forum and no one else has mentioned it so I hope no one else is having this issue and I am the only one. I did however find one about this issue but that was for Horizon.

PS: I don’t know how large the attached image is going to become after pressing “Create Topic” if it is huge then hereby my apologies.

PS2: Just to clarify I got no issue with adding games, clicking play or any of the cheats. It’s just the drag and drop part.

Are you dragging and dropping the game into the box?

Are you running Infinity as admin? If you are, don’t run it as admin.

I am dragging it into the box saying: DRAG / DROP ICON HERE
I was running it as Admin indeed. So I switched that off and tried again. Unfortunately it still happens.

Which game is it?

Are you trying with the desktop shortcut of the game or a folder?

@STN It happens with all the games. I tried several.
@sNaKe I am using the executable from the game. That is what I understand from Drag the Game Icon. So not the shortcut and not the folder. But what I think you mean with Game. The executable.

PS: It is not a big deal for me don’t waste hours on it! Except if other users are also experiencing it then it brings inconvenience to the masses.

Icon is vague but it could mean the desktop shortcut since it is easier to find. Computer illiterates could also think the desktop shortcut is the (entire) game instead of it just being a shortcut to the appropriate executable.

Shortcuts, folders, EXEs, and other files should all work. Have you tried dragging an icon from your desktop onto Infinity not running as admin?

There was the issue. The “run as admin” so 8 days ago I changed the compatibility options to “Not run as admin” and I thought it was done by then but apparently there was also under the Shortcut Tab a option called Advanced. In here it was also set as run as admin. So disabled that and now it does work. Excellent news. Thanks for getting me through it!

Where can I click Solved?

Great to hear! You should see a “…” icon under each post. The mark as solution button is in there.