Game Save Question

Hey guys, stupid question, I want to use some game saves on old games, are they safe to use?
Don’t want to get reset at all

It largely depends on where you downloads those save files from. Generally, they’re safe to use.


Makes sense, only really interested in the ones which have the legit orders, rather than the instant 1k pops


Guy does horizon diamond actually still work? I’ve found saves for castlevania HD but somewhere during the resign process on reg horizon , it completely screws up the save. Any advice is appreciated. Farming for gear on castlevania HD is past redundant. The drop rates are Ridiculous, namely the misers ring and fuma gear. And I know I speak for the masses.

Have you resigned saves with Horizon for other games that work fine? I tried helping someone a few days ago that can’t seem to get saves working as they claim they all become damaged after resigning.

As far as signing saves goes with Horizon there is no difference between the basic Horizon and the paid Diamond membership. I don’t see a Castlevania HD Diamond only save editor in Horizon so purchasing Diamond will not help you in any way.

Thx For the info bro. And yes, I have resigned and used saves with horizon as of yesterday. Horizon still works …I was doing it wrong , by not copy/pasting the ID#’s, rehash/resigning then saving it to the device. So the saves work for castlevania HD and saved me alot of unpromising hours of farming. Thx again

If you’ve done those 3 steps I listed and the save doesn’t work …it’s the save for sure. But I’ve was doing it wrong for over a month now. That’s is the right way to resign and be able to play the save. Anything else will corrupt it.