Game saves in need of some Modding

Can someone please mod my following saves:

on this skyrim save i would like to have the following:

Destruction at 100 and perk tree filled
all destruction spells
all restoration spells and perk tree filled
Alteration at 100
unlimited carry weight at 100,000
unlimited gold
red robe
5000 lockpicks
5000 grand and black soul gems

for this lightning returns final fantasy save i would like:
max gil
all accessories
max components
and if possible all the DLC outfits
all garbs and weapons

Check this site out for what you want for Skyrim.
For adding items can the program SkyrimBarrelEditorV1.4.

Too much work for the modder. Post commands if you want someone to help you with this.

I’d compile a list of console commands like Snake mentioned, unless you want to spend the next few hours using barrel editor lol