Game Speed Cheats Don't Make Sense To Me

It’s a double-edged sword, it increases the speed of EVERYTHING, including enemy speed and attacks which isn’t something people would really enjoy, it’d give no time to react so what exactly is the point when you can use a cheat that increases player speeds for things like movement or other things?

Everyone has their own reason for using specific cheats. For example:

  • Some people might have already played the game before and just want to get through unskippable cutscenes they’ve already seen two or three times.
  • Some people may use it as a “skip level” feature to speedrun to the end of certain levels they’re not a fan of.
  • In RPG games, some people might use it to travel quicker between two very distant locations.
  • And so on.

The cheat developers are limited by what the game’s coding allows them to create cheats for, for example if there is no way to make a skip level cheat but there is a way to make a speed cheat, then the speed cheat might be added as a compromise for the impossible skip level cheat.

You don’t keep the cheat turned on for the entire game. You turn it on and off as needed.

Please do not speak on behalf of other people, it’s quite rude. You cannot read minds, neither can we. :slight_smile: