Gamer Pic Problem

I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, But I might as well put it here. xD

So, I’ve tried using the Gamer Pic Pack Creator, and it works semi-fine. (I’m new to Horizon. xD)
The only problem I’m having is that whenever I try to search for certain Gamer Picks, for example, the Team DZN Anime gamer pics, Horizon just keep searching for pics, but nothing shows up. Is it just taking a long time to find the pics, or is there a problem with the gamer pic pack not being assosiated with a certain game?

I know exactly what you are talking about, because mine does the samething, but I just wait for like 10 minutes. Sometimes Horizon won’t be able to find any gamer pics associated with the game or title you are searching for. Most of the time it will find the gamer pics you are searching for, it just takes time honestly, but if you want I will try to find the gamer pics myself for you and I will upload them and give you a download link.

Like n i c k stated, some titles take a bit more time to search than others, just be a little patient and I’m sure they’ll load in for you. (I don’t believe I’ve ever had a title not load for me)

If you seek more help than just post it in this same thread and I’m sure someone will assist you.
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StarxisMusic, I found all the Team DZN Anime gamer pictures and I uploaded them to MediaFire for you, enjoy!

Thanks bro. xD You saved me a lot of trouble.

Glad I could help.

I’ve changed mine to a picture off google, about 2 weeks ago and I’m still the only one who can see the new pic…

If you’re using a custom gamer picture than that’s the problem…
Now if you found the gamer picture through Horizon than you may have to change a few settings on your XBL account for others to see the gamer picture.

Best of luck!

I have same issue for gamerpics for Crash Bandicoot games.

This thread is 3 years old please don’t Necro such threads.

But I have exact same issue?

Isn’t it better to bump it than to make duplicate thread?

There isn’t anything to fix. Be patient and if that doesn’t work try it on another system.

Please mate i am having the same issue i need all of max payne 3 and halo 4 just wont load but velocity does it faster but i cant seem to transfer the pics to horizon can you help

thank you so much , i appreciate it , is it possible to get all the gamer pic packs for the Team DZN

There are two files in the rar, one using Horizon and one using Velocity, both the exact same pics.

Can someone make a seriously achievement picture gears of war 1 pack file for me please? Been looking for awhile and I can’t find a pack to make, I am pretty new so it’s hard for me to make the file for the seriously pic