Gamer picture changed by itself

So I logged on one day and both of my account’s gamer pictures were changed to a porcupine

I didn’t do this…what is this supposed to mean? this happened to a friend also.

It might just be something automatic they’re doing so the X1 players don’t have to look at the old 360 gamerpic’s.

My x1 profile pic

My 360 profile pic

I don’t have an X1, and if they were wouldn’t more people have it changed?
My skype is acting up now…

Yeah that would make sense. I checked a couple of friends profiles on to see if theirs had changed and nothing so it must be something you guys did recently.

Skype when I sign it it signs me out. I might have a virus

Download MalwareBytes, run a scan, and quarantine all malware found.

Alright, thanks