Gamer Picture Injector (GPI)

I decided to upload a program i used to use for gamer pictures but now i use horizon but some people are having problems getting it to work. So i hope this helps.

Please Thank.

GPI 2011.rar

Virus Scan:

Horizon tool still work’s just you need to enter in the ID’s of the game’s rather than the actual title.

I use this site to get the ID’s

Xbox Gamerpics Preview

You can get the id’s from as well. Just search for a game, click the result and copy the last 8 digits from the URL. That is what most applications do.


I just stick to my site referenced because it’s faster for me and you can find great gamerpictures on it! :smiley:

everytime i try and save the gamerpics it does some type of error

Don’t bump topics, but if you still need help create your own thread here:

Horizon Support - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards

Tons of people will be happy to help.

Use the one in Horizon…