Gamer Picture Packs - Downloads

Hey guys as some of you may have known i once had a thread in the diamonds download section that had Gamer Picture packs in it, Which you all no is now gone, So i thought i would bring it back only starting small at the moment but will update with more in the coming weeks, PS no i will not make big random packs all packs i put up are as they would be if you purchased them off the marketplace, Thanks

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

[details=Open Me]American Special Forces Gamer Pictures:

Assault Strike Package Picture Pack:

Heroes and Villains Picture Pack:[u][u]

Prestige Picture Pack:

Support Strike Picture Pack:
Call Of Duty: Black Ops:

[details=Open Me]Heroes Pic Pack:[u][u]
[b]Iconic Pic Pack:[b][u][u]

Killstreaks Pic Pack:

Prestige Pic Pack:

Unlockable Pic Pack:

Zombies Pic Pack:
[u][u][b][/details] H
Halo 4:[details=Open Me]Halo 4 Campaign Pack - 1:

Halo 4 Campaign Pack - 2:

Halo 4 Covenant Enemy Pack:

Halo 4 Didact Pack:
Halo 4 Promethean Enemy Pack:

like the idea hope you add many more i would like to be able to esaily see witch packs to get and are sick u know

what are the description keys or how do you get em?

I REALLY want the Unlockable Pic Pack from Black Ops 1 but… the site you have to download it from doesn’t work very well because it’s saying the file is corrupt. Please use a different site or fix the file.

At least they showed you a message, my internet browser can’t even display the webpage:’(

Honestly I don’t think he’s going to fix it, but he might.

I am having no problems downloading from MEGA but seeing as others are i have changed the links to Mediafire, Thanks

Thanks for changing it to MediaFire, it works now.

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Not a problem, If anyone else has any problems just let me no

Plz upload new ones

EDIT: Thank you so much! <3

Cake is delicous

Any reason why they show up as .SO files? I’m unable to open any of the pack due to this reason

Hello would you be able to DM since the files aren’t working for me? My Discord is Gino#5802