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Gears (LE)

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Anime 2

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Anime 3

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Anime 4

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Anime 6

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Anime 7

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Anime 8

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Anime 9

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Anime 11

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Anime 12

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If you want to request one PM me :smile:

I want to Battlefield 3 one D:

Anyone have?

Hero i love them all i am starting to download them :3

Any Halo 3 one’s you could hook me up with? :smiley:

Yus anime ones, Post moar.

BF3 Pls

Should post that in there so Cody can add them to his thread.

Anyways, nice post, I might have to use a few of these.

So many anime. It would be cool to have some OXM ones.

do you get banned for modding gamer picture?

By the way sections anime 4 and 6 are not ANIME, its Record of Agarest war and Record of Agarest War Zero, two video games… And section Chaos is from an japan import of a game from the anime Chaos;Head.

No you can’t, I have over 25 picture packs I got from the gamer pic injector or right off Horizon and have had them for over 2 years :smile:. Unless I’m a ninja and they don’t see me, You can’t get banned.:thumbsup:

I don’t think so, but modding is almost never safe, so be careful.

Am I doing something wrong. I added one but when I go on my Xbox and select it it does not do anything.

i get all the gamer pics all are sweat i like the gears of war ones

any army ones

:frowning: The record of agarest gamer pics are not there.

Search for 494607D6(The Japanese title) and you will find them.

I am wanting to grab the pics from Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
Challenge accepted?

My question is how do you get W.L.O. Pics on horizon what exactly do I type in?

I use this website to local literally any and every gamerpicture: pretty nice actually, since Horizon allows you to make your own packs.

Very helpful post. If you can make another post with a bunch of cool gamerpics i would appreciate it a lot. its so hard to find gamer pictures because when i search them on horizon they never pop up