GamerPic Injector (GPI 2011)

As many of you know GPI(Gamer Picture Injector) quit working properly and couldn’t update games,
well now the new version has been released and can now Update Games again.

(I originally Found it here at 7S -Giving Credit Not Advertising)

Virus Scan



Awesome, 2.0 was working fine for me though :expressionless:

thanks nice finally new GP

thanks man the old one was broke

yay finally the old one didnt work for me like forever…

Does it allow you to search for games?

Or is there just a list?

hmm, gpi 2.0 wouldn’t update for shytz for meh.
oh well the new one iz out now hehe

@cheater mr dev, there’s only a big list that u can update and add games, u can’t search for games tho.


It’s just a list, you can add/update games though. Thanks for this.

when i downloaded and tried to open the .exe file and it said i needed .net framework 4.0 little help plzzzz?

install net framework 4.0 obv is obv :smirk:

google it.

thankyou :#

it allows you to search you just have to click where it says game and start typing :wink:

I’m pretty sure that just searches through the list and not actually through

oh >.< i thought he meant through the list haha my b

once i’ve chosen it no longer has the “export to con” option it says “save to file” do i save it straight into the gamer pic file on the usb or…?

It connects to a catalog, not the marketplace. The catalog is definitely better.

Nobody figured out how to connect to the marketplace yet? lol

<3 I have been looking for a new GPI. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Once ur save the gamrerpics to the desktop just transfer it to ur hdd.
and reboot ur box son :thumbsup:

i do teh usb mods :anguished: i dont have a xfer cable oh well