Gamertag Checker (Get a V1 tag)

I found this on HF, here is a link to the original thread by PURP: PURP

Download the tool:

Create a list of v1 tags in Notepad which you want to check like this:

Then download the tool and sign into on the right (Make sure you are logging in with a new account, with a generated tag.)

Open your list of GTs and click check.

It says if the gamertag is available and you can take it :smile:

Virus scan:

When it finds a GT which isn’t taken it stops, so you can load a big list,leave you PC for 20 minutes, then come back and check if it’s found one.

Thanks <3 Been looking for one of these :smile:

Thanks ill try this now!

You sure this isn’t going to “Hack my account?”

Nope, you only need to sign in because it uses the change gamertag screen to check if the GT is available, and you need to sign in to see that page. Use any old silver account it doesn’t matter :smile:

Thankyou bro.

I like this because all the otheres don’t use the actual xbox. com checker. But it is a lot slower.

Yea I know, but it won’t say that glitched Gamertags or Zune account are available when they aren’t, which is useful :wink:

Awesome, I’m going to try this out. Nice find!

wont work 4 me im sad

New download link added, bug fixed.

Dude… this will steal your account…

Check the code, it’s not a phisher.

i just never trusted it cause you have to enter your email and password.


you can always use a silver account

OT: nice find elliot :thumbsup:

wtf i want the gt thing to work but it does nothing halp

Very nice mate will use this

Lol why did it say my account is suspend, Even tho I just made it.

People with spaced tags get to reserve the OG.