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Since the update, I received today 3/13/2019 on wemod majority of my games are now listed under not installed and when I chose the exe for games like Ghost Recon Wildlands even though the trainer does need updating, it will not even try to launch the game without popping up an error saying We’re
Having Trouble starting or finding your open game. It doesn’t even attempt to start the game period or however it suppose to work to use wemod anymore.

I’m seeing a lot of people with this issue popping up since the update and I’ve tried many tricks to see if anything works and no luck in fixing it. I wish I’d never let it update because this is the first and foremost only issue I’ve ever had with this program.

I’ll toss out and say I vote 110% for a revert until they can fix it for this update.


Same hier


I got lucky my 2nd computer has the previous version so I removed the files copied it over and I’m back in the games I play with no problems with the newest version.


Hey guys, very sorry for this. There were about 20 games in our database that were bugged and not showing as installed. If there’s a game that we support that you have installed, but the app is saying it’s not, please post the name of the game here. Restart the app before posting because we’re currently fixing it. Thank you!


I have too many games to list and it would take me writing a book on the list of games I own through steam. It’s like the program lost how to pick up what games you got and don’t have from the previous version plus from my experience with programs and reading how you guys sped up how it works faster with games could be part the issue the programs having by picking them up at a slower pace than faster.


The games list in the app only shows games that WeMod has cheats for. You’re saying games that you have installed that we have cheats for are under “Not Installed”? Can you list a couple of them? Would help greatly. Thanks :grinning:


Just to chime in and say I used the new version and have no problems at all seems like just a few people having issues picks up my games ok. I have only about 100 installed and looks good on mine