Games trainer

I’m trying to activate the codes but none of them activate what I do

Hello! :slight_smile:

Your post does not contain enough information for anyone to be able to assist you.

  1. What game are you attempting to cheat on?

  2. Which store did you buy that game from? Or was it cracked?

  3. What error messages, if any, do you get?

  4. Are you trying to cheat in solo/single-player or multiplayer/co-op?

in any game

Again, that is not enough information. Please answer the questions properly.

1.testei em alguns jogos
2.test on purchased and cracked games and it didn’t work
3.I try to activate any cheat command and turn it off at the same time
4.solo games

I first was thinking that “testei alguns jogos” is the name of a game, but i googled it and realized it is just “Portuguese” for “I tested some games”.

Are you using the hotkeys or did you click on the cheats?
As a free user you can only use the hotkeys.

use the shortcut keys to activate and at the same time deactivate

Okay, for the third time, we need to know:

  1. The exact names of the games you are trying to use trainers on.
  2. The exact names of the stores you got those games from.

This information matters. By not providing what we are asking for you are delaying reaching a solution.

it’s a must for u to list the games u play. if u playing a crack game, it doesn’t work properly. as this mod is suitable to official store only like Epic, Origin, or Steam version.