Gamestop good cheap games help

hi guys I need help what are some good cheap games like under 9 bucks on

Here’s a few games I enjoyed. The last time I went to GameStop they had so many great used 360 games for under $10. You shouldn’t have an issue finding one.

Also man gonna throw this in also that power up reward card dude pay the extra $15 and make it pro cause the points you get for trade it you can get awesome coupons they send me a 20% off every year for my birthday and it helps TONS lets just say a week after Skyrim came out i used a 40% coupon on it and my power up card and walked out of gamestop only paying 50cents for a good used copy of Skyrim that day…and i also have payed $1 for great used games made it is well worth it in the end

You can download Sniper Elite V2 for free this month (gold/xbox).
Good games under $10?

Halo 4

Mass Effect 3

Borderlands 2

Loved bulletstorm!

Favorite quote:

when u buy a card do u have to pay like every month ? ALSO im looking for first person games that don’t take that many gbs or anything like that if possible :smile:

If you’re playing directly from the game disc you don’t need to install anything to your hard drive other than updates, if there are any.

no its $15 bucks a year and you get a 1 year subscription to gameinformer magzine ask your people at gamestop man this is how i get alot of great games for less than $10 cause i use my trade in points for the coupons and the coupons can be for anything in the store like last week i was able to get a coupon for $20 off any thing in the store new or used and last month i was able to get around a $80 off of a PS4 :smiley: with my card and used a $50 off anything in the store plus i also get my Xbox live Gold this way and Microsoft points this way also…telling ya man it helps me alot

yea but sadly I only go to gamestop like 2 times a year

As do i only time i go to gamestop is to trade stuff in or pay my gamestop credit card bill only when im in town and i do my shopping online from their site so works both ways