Gaming PC Build (Part 2)

Hello all!

I am building a computer for my girlfriend, and she is going to be playing medium-heavy games on it. I have already picked my parts, and checked compatibility; however, I was interested in the community’s feedback. I was wondering if everything is compatible, and if I could be getting a better deal with another part.

(I am giving her a 1TB HDD, so that will not be on the list. :smile: )

I was also wondering on the bottleneck of PCI 2.0 vs. 3.0.

The motherboard I selected only supports 2.0, but the GPU supports 3.0. I didn’t know if 2.0 would have sufficient bandwidth to support the GPU’s speed. Thanks a lot in advance, you guys! :wink:

Link to parts

There isn’t a need for another thread, simply update your older one.