Garry's Mod Server? Prop Hunt?

I just recently bought Garry’s Mod during the steam summer sale and I was wondering how I set up my own server / game of prop hunt. I just want to play with my a couple of friends. Is there a way to invite them to a private game I set up? Do I use Hamachi? Do I have to forward ports?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

When you’re in the main menu, use create a game, select the map and players at the right and click start.
You’d need to port forward 27015 first, though.
If you want to play prop hunt each one of you are gonna need to download the gamemode, maps, any extra files etc manually.

basically it’d be easier just to join an empty server.

Or, if you’d rather use the dedicated server software, follow this to set up the base server, setting up the gamemode is pretty easy.

Ok thank you for your help. I just forwarded that port so now how would my friend join my game? Do I give him my ip address?

What Is My IP ® | Shows Your IP Address.

I would assume your friend would join with your ip and the gmod port.