Garry's Mod

Hey ho,
Does anyone know maybe good weapons mods?
Maybe something like that.

Personally see “Mods” on that game can be many things like what you have linked is a add on when i ran a server you could see the Scripts people ran if youre just talking about weapon skins/imported files just go through the store and look thats how you find whats good

I do not know exactly whether the mods or addons are. When I search I get only things have the errors or do not even work.
What are the best addons/mods you have or had for Garrys Mod?

Well one do you have all the Textures ? Because that might be a issue

Not having the textures would only cause a pink/black checkboard pattern and some sky “blur”.

Thats the most problem. The texture xD.

What textures do you need i could upload them and hit you up