Now I really have the problem with WeMod because indie games like Gatewalkers with such a low player base won’t get a trainer. Is there not any other possibility to get it on the list I would use all my push queue for it. That’s spoken by a long term member. that’s so frustrating. To bad that I need to check for a new platform than I guess :frowning:


Gatewalkers was only released three days ago. You’ll need to be more patient.

Not only is there an existing development queue for the trainer developers to go through (click the Creators tab in the WeMod software), but trainers are made or updated based on the game’s current popularity within the community as a whole. People are either already playing another game right now, or people are being smart and waiting for the game to pass a few more updates before spending money on it to make sure the developers are going to iron out any launch day issues. The reviews for the game in the store point out a lot of issues the devs need to fix, to be fair.

And the fact that it’s already discounted in the store in launch week isn’t a good sign (from a marketing perspective - I work in the game industry’s community and marketing areas). Discounting your game in launch week usually indicates the developers may have financial troubles - because launch week should be the time you sell your game at the highest price point to maximise your profit.

If it’s not a AAA game, which this isn’t, then it’s going to be astoundingly surprising for a game to have enough active WeModders playing it for a trainer released in the first week or so of the game’s release.

Patience. And show your interest in having a trainer, here’s how: Game Queue. :slight_smile: