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G'day Everyone

Hi. My name is Leanne, On Wemod, I go by TransGothic, on Steam I go by MelbGoth.
As you can see, I use trans and gothic and melb in my usernames quite a bit. Let me explain them.
Melb= Melbourne, where I live and play online and offline games. No, Not Melbourne in Florida Usa, The other one, Melbourne Australia.
Trans, Short for Transsexual or Transgender, Because that is what I identify as, M2F.
I prefer Leanne, her, She, Ms, Mrs, etc, Female pronouns only.
I played Wow for sometime, then gave it up, Played Railroad Tycoon, Sim City Franchise, Sims, Runescape 1-2 +3, both paid and free versions. And I play a hole lot more.
Currently playing Skyrim, Farm Manager, Business Maganete, Banished, Another Brick in the mall, and more. I follow Raptor on youtube as well as MikesPc1080p

I do not expect you to be my friend or send me any friend requests, but if you do, hey bonus for little old 298yr old me yayyyyyyyyyyyy., This fossil might end up becoming immortal one day and becoming young again lol
That is me in a nutshell, well think im in a nutshell, just knock and I see if Ican hear a hollow hello from inside lol.

Welcome to wemod. Glad you found us. Any questions or comments just post !
Well have fun cheating. !