Gear of war 4

Trying to do a private match of horde by myself but a few of the cheats arnt working, wondering if anyone else is having this issue and how to resolve it?

Hello! i reccomend posting here: Gears of War 4 Cheats and Trainer
So the autor can see there are problems, what cheats dont work? some of them work? did the game got updated?

far as i know the trainer has never worked in mp as it doesn’t support it as i asked the same question when it was first made some stuff does work in mp but i wouldn’t advise using it due to u could get banned by using it as i wanted to use infinite health ammo etc to do the 50 waves of horde etc but it never wored so i asked and thats what i got told

Awesome thanks, thats pretty much what i was trying to do too haha didnt really want to go online and play with other players incase i did get banned so i was just trying to do it in a private match with just myself.

yeah private match are always fun lol i think they did say if they did bring in offline surport for horde mode they would look into it but i highy doubt there gonna make horde mode offline aka local mode

Yes, all cheats are for offline game play only.