Gears 5 WeMod

I just signed up for a yearly sub for WeMod and the game doesn’t load and it keeps crashing was soon as Iget into it.

Which platform did you purchase the game from and which game mode are you trying to play?

on my pc

From Steam or Windows Store and which game mode are you playing?


Gears 5

What game mode(Campaign, multiplayer, horde, etc.)?

hello, I play on PC steam version, wemod forces me to launch the game by the wemod app but the game systematically ejects me from the launch of the first wave of HORDE, I have already checked the integrity of the game, uninstall resettal , and I tried by launching the game via steam and everything works perfectly

WeMod will not work for horde, which has anti-cheat. it is for the campaign only.


Gears 5 dont work with wemods it says to start the mods to start the game does not work at all they need to be the opposite start the mods when in side of game and i cant do that to bad this just ruiend a great time for me this issue needs to be fixed fast please