Gears Of War 2 SPG Level 100 and 1750/1750

Hey guys,

I’ve had this SPG in my possession for a while, but for some reason never did release it. This SPG has been updated with achievement progress for the entire war journal, this will also give you level 100. To complete, for example, the “Seriously 2.0” achievement all you have to do is kill one enemy, the same goes for all the other achievements.

Download the SPG here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Step 1) Extract the winrar archive, preferably to the desktop then click and drag the profile into Horizon, so you can change the Device ID of the Profile to the Device ID of one of your profiles. To figure out your device id all you have to do is click and drag one of your personal profiles into Horizon and then copy that Device ID and Paste it into the field in Horizon. After you replace your Device ID hit save, and now exit Horizon.

Step 2) Now we have to put the profile on either a HDD or a USB drive, I’ll be using a USB drive, and XTAF. Download XTAF here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Step 3) Once XTAF is open, just simply click and drag the E0000673AE6346B0 folder into the root of the Content folder.

Step 4) How to do the SPG Glitch on Gears of War 2

  1. Make sure you have the latest Title Update for GoW2. Current: TU6

  2. Disconnect from Xbox live. “Unplug Ethernet, wireless adapter”

  3. Sign into the account that has Rank 100 and achievements.
    I am currently making a dummy account

  4. Go to Training Grounds and Highlight the first one.

  5. Select the first one and quickly hit the guide button and press X “sign out”
    Then press X again and sign into the profile you want the rank/achievements on.
    You must do all of this while in the loading screen.
    If you did it correctly you should see your gamertag on the scoreboard.
    If you see DOM you did NOT do it correct/quick enough.

  6. It should automatically kick you back to the main menu. There should be a few achievements that pop up.

NOTE: It is best that you collect 20 collectible’s on your own as it wont give you the achievement for collecting 5 and 20, but will instead give you the one for collecting all 41 collectibles.

steps courtesy of GATORSHOES22

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that has the same concept:

That’s all folks! and this good after TU6 and if you decide to post this SPG elsewhere, please give credit where it’s due. Thanks.

I thought this was patched. I remember doing this for my friends like more than a year ago. O_o

Great tutorial though, still works!

Changing the profile ID and such is pointless really. Good tut though.
As long as you can sign into the SPG account your good. Then you dont have a modified account, just glitched.

The only thing you change is the device id, you leave everything else the same.

This isn’t working for me, but I did everything right. When the training grounds match starts, I see my profile name on the scoreboard, but it’s not level 100, and I don’t get any achievements. I followed the tutorial very carefully though. All this did was reset my rank to level one, so I just lost my level 43 rank. Please help.

Edit: Never mind, it worked! I followed the tutorial again, but for some reason it worked this time. Thank you for the tutorial!

No, problem! Glad everything worked out for you.

I remember buying an account and doing this. Brings back memories i’ll be doing this when I wake up tomorrow. Thanks for posting I think this will help a lot of members that want to mod this game and not only that a good standard issue modding device that goes along with the new GOW2 Horizon Tool. Easy to read, Follow, And Navigate. Keep up the good work

Only gave me 3 Achievements
-Rookie Gear.
-Seasoned Gear.
-Battle-Tested Gear.

JC: You have to play on all 4 of the snowblind maps to get the other 2.

You have to complete one task for each achievement, for the “Seriously 2.0” achievement all you have to do is kill one enemy and the achievement will pop, the same goes for all the other achievements. But xBillyBillium is right, if you wish to get the other two achievements you have to have played on all the snowblind maps.

i’ve tried it about ~6 times already. I think it’s because I have the game installed and it’s loading too quickly. Gonna uninstall it and try again

edit; I’m able to get it through and see my gamertag, but it’s not making it 100. It stays level 1 and just sends me back, nothing unlocks.

All I was missing is level 100 + Achive, this reset me to 1 >< Was level 85

Edit2; I also noticed the SPG account isn’t level 100, infact it has 0 achivements. (This is my first time using SPG, so I don’t know if it’s normal or I just goofed somehow)

Not sure why your having issues, I suggest you re-download the SPG and watch the YouTube video at the bottom, you seem to be the only one having trouble.

Great tut man, I really do not have the game anymore, but my friends still play it. Anyone know how many people still play the game?


Thats great! I did this awhile ago, but thanks for the memories :smiley: And also I like how you included a tutorial. That will help many that are new/have not done this yet.

Yea I’ve already tried re-dling it and following it again. Can’t seem to get it to work ;_;

Account is not LVL 100

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