Gears Of War 3 Rank Transfer Glitch (Free)

Ecko’s Gears Of War 3 Rank Transfer Service

Im back doing the profile glitch for anyone who needs it

Pm me if you want me to talk you through the process of doing this glitch

Text Tutorial:

1: Get a account that has the desired level you are wanting and get the profile you want the rank on

2: Now on the profile that has the rank go to matchmaking part and search for a quick game on any game mode (I always pick king of the hill)

3: When you have finished finding players it should start loading up the game, Now you should be on a screen with marcus as the back ground and a few tips at the bottom while waiting for the game to load

4: As soon as your on the marcus screen sign out of the profile and sign into the account wanting the rank

5: Now it should put you back into the part where you can pick campaign etc, Now you should have the rank but before you anything else change the weapon skin on any weapon so the rank will stay, This is essential as otherwise you wont be able to keep your rank

The video tutorial isn’t the best of quality’s so i recommend you put it in 480p to get the best possible quality you can

[u]Video Tutorial:[u]

Gow 3 rank transfer glitch working 13/1/2012 - YouTube

This is what you will get if you do the glitch:

  • Rank: Red (2nd) reup rank 93
  • All Legit Stats
  • 32/32 characters
  • 26/32 weapons skins
  • 13/13 mutators
  • 2.9 k/d
  • 113 Ribbons
  • Full Horde Fortifications (You automatically gain the achievement once i have added my rank to your account)

These Are The Medals You Will Have:

32 Onyx Medals
Also The Old Guard Medal

Onyx medals:

Active Reloader
Match Winner
War Supporter
Field Service
Gnasher Shotgun
Battle Mistress
For The Horde
I’m A Beast
Field Engineer
King Of Cog
Number 1
For The Horde

I do this mostly for se7ensins and i have many vouches on there, If you want the link just ask :smile:

No asking for thanks blah blah blah but nice thread anyway.

Note taken :wink: and thank you for the compliment

Legit did a account for me.

Can this be done on a silver account?

Yeah course, Once i add it to the silver all you need to do is get lets say a 48 hour trial and put it on the silver account and add it to your main account :smile:

il have to see if I can get my hands on a trial pass then. How long will it take to do it?

Im a bit busy at the moment so around 2 hours

his old thread said he had a lvl 100 no reup, i asked him for it saying i would even donate a 3month live - despite him offering it for free!

said hell do it if i gave the code first, as people have been changing his passwords trying to steal it.
gave him the code, he gave me an account which hadnt even played gears of war 3, and thus had no stats.

he redeemed the code, and isnt replying to my pms


Don’t make me out to be a bad person, True you offered me a 3 month but like i said to you before, The account got stolen that’s not my fault, I didn’t find that out until you let me have the 3 month code, The pass didn’t work anymore and i have been trying to get a hold of a rank 100 account for people like yourself who want it,I offered you both my services from se7ensins due to me taking the code without knowing the account was lost, I can give you the rank mentioned in my thread until i can get a rank 100 account oh and i have replied to every single message you have sent, When i get it you will be the first to get it :smile:

a) Can you get banned for this?
b) Is it okay if you do this on a dummy account, and let me use the dummy account to do my real account?


No one has been banned for doing this so far, Yes i can do it to a dummy account for you but you will need to add some membership to the dummy after i have done it for you due to part of the glitch is searching for a online game

I Pn’ed you :wink:

Okay. I guess I’ll do a thing to get a free one month. Unless I can get a 48 hour off somebody.

I think he is very legit, but is there somebody who has a no re-up lvl 100 dummy, who can borrow it me?


You didnt reply to the last pm, where i asked if i could simply borrow the other gears account…
so from my perspective, you took the code, failed to uphold your end of the deal and then when i asked for the other account instead, due to you not having a rank 100 anymore, you didnt even bother to reply or do anything about it.

im sure youre not a bad person or not trustworthy, and you’ve have many people to vouch for your services - however my experience was quite negative, i lost a 3month code and gained nothing, and without any attempt from you to reconcile.
and im just leaving my feedback going by my experience, and it is just as relevant as any.

Im sure i replied saying you can have the service, I don’t want you to think im that kind of person who would just take someones membership what they offered me and just never reply back, If you make a dummy account i will add my rank to it for you so i can make it right between us :smile:

Is there some kind of method like this that works for gear 2?

In my opinion I would never trust anyone with my account.

I’d prefer someone providing the service to do the glitch on a dummy account.

But other than that, nice thread. :smile: Also PM’ed you.