Gears of War 3 Sawed-off shotgun range reduced!

It’s official!


What do you guys think? I’m delighted as now there will be less morons running around with sawed off’s.


Its not loading.

I’m banned from GoW.

after i’m banned? great.

I wont know as my account is banned till 25th. Like every other diamond user.
Plus, it should of been like this from the start. "This gun is none effective out of me-lee range.

Holy **** am i the only user not to get banned O.o.

… Yes.

Wow, this is gonna un-balance it. When is the Gnasher getting a much needed range reduction?

Nope they got my temp but my main didn’t get banned thankfully :thumbsup: Now I can finally use the gnasher without kids rushing me and just shooting me now I have a chance. :smile:

No. Gnasher is perfect as is. Nice mix of Gears 1 power/headshots with Gears 2 range.

K…Bull**** It has a short enough range already.

Absolutely right! Its a good shotgun with some range!

With the Sawed-Off being nerfed, its not perfect. It would be perfect if the Sawed-Off wasn’t nerfed.

You already had to barrel stuff them as it was. So not really a big, plus i don’t even have the game any more.

Not true mod guy! The sawed off actually had a further gib radius than the gnasher did. It was broken and needed fixing. Either reduce the power and range and make it a 2 shot weapon, or reduce the range like they are doing now.

THIS is not true. Sawed-off you had to barrel stuff them.

Yes! Gnasher those n00b’s faces to death!

im banned and got mad so i sold my gears for $ 30.00 U.S dollars
N got me a 6pack and now i have $19.38 andi whant to play gears on checkout with a shawed off ;(

I really don’t feel like linking the 9999 videos of people showing the DBS’s range.

It had a longer gib range then the Gnasher. Just google it if you don’t want to believe me