Gears of War 3 starting weapons mod?


I know this is a bit late, so if anyone can help me I will greatly appreciate it.

I have already modded my gamer profile for Gears of War 3,but as I was browsing Youtube for more tutorials I saw some people being able to change their versus starting weapons (lancer, hammerburst, retro, gnasher, and sawed-off) to boomshots, torque bows, and even grenades. I looked up some forums, and they said something about jtags, soldering, and xbox modifications.

Does the mod I saw on Youtube, require me to purchase equipment and physically open my xbox, or can I just download the modded gears of war 3 file onto my flashdrive and upload it to my xbox?

Thank You

If it requires an RGH/JTAG then yes you have to open your console and solder a bunch of stuff to the mobo so you can read and write to your nand. Then you will have to buy a new KV and Xbox live subscription when you get banned in a month.

Oh okay I’ll stick to Horizon.

Thank You!