Generation Zero Cheats and Trainer for Steam

In case everyone here is also having a hard time finding them, there should be plenty of walkthroughs and YouTube videos showing how to get them. :slight_smile:

I keep press F3 and F6 for no reload and Unlimited ammo and items, but they keep turning off automatically after 1 second. must be cuz of the March Update.

Hi yeah there was a huge update which overhauled alot of stuff including add alot of new stuff.

they added a lot of new items such as resources for crafting and recycling.

Hey man thank you kindly for the update and making the Wildllands trainer . Generation Zero just got a huge update and rework, so most of the codes no longer work can you update this please and thank you . Your the best.

awwww D:

yeah sucks and the overhaul sucks now. I like the crafting,but the new item menu is a mess and complete trash.

The Generation Zero cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


@MrAntiFun Could you please add a cheat for carryweight, the new update added weight to items and im in the middle of nowhere with like 800 weight and dont want to drop everything i collected.

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Thank you man. You the best. Is there a way too get unlimited weight if possible?

Any way too add teleport like you did with Wildlands & other awesome Trainers you have made?

The developers really, really messed up a lot of things and the whole weight thing is stupid people have too turn on & off the unlimited items/ammo code too the new weight system. Thanks for the hard work the community really, really loves you for all the trainers and hard work.

maybe update the infinite ammo cheat to cycle through used ammo instead of locking it to a specific value, I just lost over 700 rounds because i activated this cheat, or maybe lock the ammo count to the clip instead of the reserve pool.

you can’t loose ammo with unlimited items.So, how did you mange that? unless you dropped it out. check your inventory

I’ve forwarded your feedback to the developer :blush:


thank you very much everything works well on my part its just the weight that the developers added too the game , somewhat breaks the codes. But, i discovery a exploit or trick when you you increase the game speed and start walking if you face the game looking up the sky or facing down on the ground while walking you go very ,very fast and it cancels out the weight restriction/ meaning you bypass the weight . but, you still can no fast travel.

if you could pass that on and let MAF know if he could add unlimited weight or weapon swap or even teleport would be a god send. As this game is very,very , very grindy. They made it even more grind with the latest update. Weapon swap/select or telport would be very,very helpfu. if possible. Let me know how i can put in a vote and I can. Thanks man very much

I can’t get this mod to work since the 3/23 update. All I want is unlimited ammo. I hit F3, I hear the ding, but no added ammo in my inventory or storage locker. I just downloaded and installed today so I assume I have the recently patched version.

Unlimited ammo works fine mate

I’m using F3 as we speak

So it is my belief that your error could be…thinking it adds to your ammo. As in most all trainers I think it does not add nor subtract to your ammo count

It locks it and prevents any depletion as you play hence making your current amount, unlimited

Hope that makes sense or if not…good luck hope you can get it working!



You are correct. That was my error. I was trying to add ammo to an empty gun which I guess you cannot do. I guess you must have at least 1 bullet. Trying to find 1 for the bazooka. Thanks for your help. Great trainer!!

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Glad you guys have it figured out ! Yepp infinite ammo locks it at full and yes you need to have at least one bullet in ammo for it to work

So the unlimited ammo cheat works but not perfectly when it comes to LMGs in the DLC. The LMG I have has a maximum ammo cap of 168 rounds a mag, but with the cheat active I can use that full mag once then the mag size drops to 98 and remaining ammo disappears.

Hiya, latest game update (april) breaks the unlimited ammo cheat

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The latest game update (April 2020) has broken the unlimited ammo part of the trainer. It will no longer let you select it.


hello. Please update the mod! the ammo cheat it dosnt work! Thank you!!!