Generation Zero Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

sir unlimited items -ammo and mega exp need to be fix

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unlimited items good sir.

The Generation Zero cheats have been updated!


  • Can Move While Overweight cheat added

Jolly good show sir

(Wrong place for what i writed)

While using the Unlimited items - Ammo for the first time I think it filled my storage box weight way
past the limit. Now that game starts with lag and crashes when I try to open the storage box.

i think it would be epic if u added unlimited building supplys

the only thing not working due to the update is the Mega XP everything else seems to be working just fine

The Generation Zero cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

New WeMod update destroyed my Generation Zero! I can´t even load game, it´ll immediately freeze and I can´t do nothing. I mean NOTHING. My GZ is KO, I´ve tried it with and without WeMod, than I´ve tried to restart my PC 2x times but it didn´t help.

please add infinite command points i really want to have a lot of bases!

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its need to be updated the trainer is not working right now

just wondering if it is possible to add a teleport option to the options?

After latest game update the game crash when using the cheats. You dont even reach the startscreen before it crash. I tried several times ans same thing all the time. I run both wemod and the game as admin.

Pick up field radios and keep them in your inventory. Set them in any place you want to be able to teleport to that is not a safehouse. Field radio work as a teleporter when player set them up. I have several set up in different locations.

im aware of this, i just haven’t fully explored the map and was just wondering if there could be an option added where a i can place a way point and then click a button to teleport to it without the need of the field radios, pretty much im a lazy git who would rather fast travel to all of the points of interest than walking everywhere lol

I coverd about 80% of the places on the map that isnt safehouses so far by finding a safe place i can teleport to and set up a field radio. Im kind of lazy to and saved alot of time not having to walking most of the time. Only place that have a safehouse i placed a field radio is the big airfield. I set up a field radio in the undergound bunker at the other end of the field. There are several places where its safe to set it up there. The big bunker with all the airplanes. I forgot the name of the place though.

When using storage disable unlimited items and ammo. That way you can clean it out if you want. If you have it on you will take items as well as add more to the storage. Same if you want to drop something. Turn it off to drop otherwise it will drop and add max amount to your inventory. I always turn off infinite items ammo when i use storage or drop something.

needs an update, game crashes about after 20 to 30 min of game play, more so when duping items


The trainer no longer works with the current Game-Version.

The following errors (Xbox) occur to me:

  • Infinite ammo: sometimes hangs or you can’t shoot anymore
  • Infinite items: if you put away/throw away a weapon then this 99 will be reproduced.
  • Play Crash after activating the trainer
  • Generation Zero won´t load up

Would it be possible to adjust the trainer or update to the new version?