Generic (Vanilla) skyrim

is there any saves that have all the house from windhelm, markarth, solitude, riften with the maniquin glitch and also with extra maniquin in the house and alot of container to store more items. But not those house only, but also these other locations sky haven temple, dawnstar sanctury, thieves guild hideout, jorvaskar all these location but i sure they’re more location that could use extra storage before install dlc, updates or if someone could give me a site to get the generic skyrim game

You’re asking for a lot of specifics for a save. Best I can say about this is to do some research on the web for save games with your listed criteria. Not much else anyone can do since you’re asking for several specific things. I don’t mean to put you down, but the save you are requesting is VERY specific and would require dozens of hours to create it.

Also, are you looking to buy Skyrim, or get a cracked version? Skyrim is fairly cheap if you’re looking to buy.

nah its not put down or a let down you right about alot specifics for a save well there is one guy name shaman reaper on his youtube page he couple of games saves
anisis house
Cracked Tusk keep
helgen workshop
over looked site
both tusk Keep and blood are connect but its too bad he did the modifcation in the dlc added wish he done it on the cracked version lol but thank you for letting me know about your opinion