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Kia ora. So I’ve been using WeMod for awhile now, and Steam is my gaming platform with Epic Games (for obvious reasons :blush:) second and GOG third (I barely use GOG these days.) When I buy games, I first check to see if there are any trainers for it. What’s the difference between the platforms, that there needs to be 3 lots of trainers for a game, and quite often trainers for Steam and not for the other two. Do the games run differently on each platform? Genuinely curious.
Thank you

First steam is way more popular that’s why you will see steam trainer first
A Lot has to do with coding with the different platforms
But sometimes steam trainer will work for epic version

Yeah. As I said, Steam is my preferred platform. Thanks for letting me know that Steam trainers will sometimes work on Epic.

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Good question.
But to save me typing the answer up again, check out this post here: Why are there different cheats for each storefront? - #4 by Ravenfyre. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I should of known that there was already a question and answer about it. I’m not so good with searches. So basically it all comes down to varibles including how a storefront publishes a game version, where on your computer the game is saved, etc. Sorry, probably over simplifying things. All I know is if it stops me mucking around on my own trying to work CE, I’m happy!