Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

Can i jump online after using the trainer? with trainer closed of course.

yes you can.

All options still work except teleport, using non-vulkan uplay version.

cheat still working but somehow it left me with a few bug. Map view problem i can’t zoom out also can exit the chopper nor can press give up when you die. I try to run the original exe file still same bug xD guess need to start all over again without cheat =D

Probably the single best walkthrough ever! Works like a charm…

game crashes when hitting play in wemod

so wemod says i play the 32 bit version where my system and even the game says its 64 bits.
is this a problem from wemod or from ubisoft/the game

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If i play with ur launcher Wemod without installing this bypass what happens? Because with the bypass doesnt start the game.

What when i use it in Singelplayer and then close it can i player later in coop?

So can you play coop if u played with wemode singleplayer? I would like to know.

Yes, you can play co-op after using WeMod.

EDIT: Nvm figured it out. Had to launch the game with original launcher first, let Uplay install it’s things including battleye, close the game when it’s done, copy the custom launcher and start it.

EDIT #2: Ok so launching the game from Wemod using the custom launcher doesn’t work. If anyone is having troubles with Wemod reporting a problem when launching the game, you need to start the game by launching the custom launcher directly from the game directory where you copied it and then once it launches, press play in Wemod. It will detect the launched game and inject.

I changed the original exe to exe.bak and copied the custom launcher, but when i try starting it, it launches Ubisoft connect and keeps trying to install battleye and doesn’t proceed from there.

You shouldn’t be doing the bypass. The trainer does it for you.

Oh okay, thank you.
You should update the message on Wemod app then so that people don’t do bypasses.