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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

im at max level already and can 2 shot behemoths lol xD nice mod

Am I able to play with my friends on story mode?

And also it keeps saying its having trouble finding my game


We don’t test or provide support for multiplayer cheating, As for finding the game did you use the custom launcher?, If you did launch the game from uplay then once the game is fully loaded press Play button on the trainer .


Having trouble renaming it to what it is to be. If I name it to “GRB_BE.exe.bak” it turns into a bak file and doesn’t stay a exe therefore cant launch it from that. so any help would be nice?

You have to download the file and put that in the directory you renamed GRB_BE.exe in and then it will work.

I started the game through the modded.exe. the game starts but none of my controls on the keyboard or xbox controller are responding.

Awesome i hope we get a teleport cheat

doesn’t work for epic launcher =/

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Im hoping for a money boost


Does not work in EPIC launcher, are you guys going to release the epic version?

why my icon file GRE_BE of mrantifun is same original icon game?
have problem?

Works almost perfectly,
Only issue is that now my game is INCREDIBLY laggy, Frame Rate has dropped for 165 down to 24 FPS but the cheats do indeed work so thank you for allowing me to MAX LEVEL, I will now return the default

Whenever i try to start up the cheats it give me the error of, “We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game”. what do i do please help

No multiplayer will get you banned

i have the same error… you play with epich launcher ?

i followed all the instructions but my game loads till the menu and then it crashes while loading the game

uPlay+ User here, works great.

one thing i cant complete about kill undetec pls fix undetech AI cant hear footstep

First of all Thanks for the very nice trainer.
Quick question: What does the Mega XP exactly do ? Is it so that every kill basically gives you another xp level ?
What I am looking for is that i not directly go to max level but instead can still go up level by level but just faster. Is that what Mega XP is ?