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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

Yes, mega xp just gives you increased XP but will not instantly put you at max level.

Which .exe file do I drag to the trainer? GRB or GRB_UPP? I have tried both, but windows always says: “Windows cannot access the specific device or path.”

i need a detailed tutorial on how to do this because all im finding is a web shortcut, and my windows can’t find the included exe

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Look up at the first comment its rename GRB_BEexe to GRB_BE.exe.bak in main game directory then put
In the main game directory

it says windows cannot find GRB_BEexe when i try and click it

Did you replace it with the one that is posted?

when I click on GRB_BE.exe (123.5 KB) a window pops up in red saying the file cant be found

Do I need to rename the file in my folder first before clicking it

I have launched the game but when I attempt to launch the mod I am getting a message “having trouble starting or finding your open game.” What can I do to fix this issue?

Yes you need to rename it first to GRB_ BE exe.bak

when I try and rename it it says are u sure it might casue and unstable version is that ok

very thx !

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For those asking for unlimited credits You sorta have it as when you spend credits they dont really decrease.

I do have a question about the skill points staying at 1. Is that permanent or do i just need to progress further?

i did this and windows couldn’t find it (i’m playing on uplay)

for those of u who play on uplay and u changed the file does it earase ur saved game or courrupt the data

I am wondering what I have done wrong. I located the GRB_BE in the game directory and renamed the GRB_BE to GRB_BE.bak. Then I downloaded the Battleye Bypass launcher and moved it into the game directory but the mod won’t launch. What have I done wrong?

thats why im a little nervous about messing with the file i dont want my saved game courrupted

I’m able to connect to Ubisoft servers ingame, is this supposed to happen?