Girl with Asperger's here

I found myself here because breaking games has become a hobby of mine. I’m a paranoid potato with extreme social anxiety that has garnered a hatred for humanity. I don’t know what else to say…:sweat:


Ok well ummm welcome to wemod. Nice place here awsome app for cheating and lot of friendly people here , any questions just ask

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oh sounds like fun should add me on discord Mumflr#8507

Welcome to wemod!

Welcome to WeMod, hope you enjoy your stay.
If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile:

Welcome to WeMod! You’ll find you aren’t alone, my opinion of humanity as a whole is less than stellar, I choose my friends wisely. In that regard, I’ve met quite a few good people here I enjoy messaging with. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of, my father has it, I have it (rather significantly in fact). We both tend to be rather reclusive, and that certainly plays a part.

Such illnesses impact us, but don’t define us. We can only treasure the “good days” and endure the “bad days”. Though there is, and will likely always be a stigma surrounding such things, I’ve learned to chalk it up to ignorance and leave it at that. Those who are judgmental have not themselves ever experienced such a condition, so they are little more than clueless fools. You are always welcome to message me regarding any issues you might have with such challenges, odds are “I’ve been there”.


Welcome to WeMod…

There’s some nice people on the forums but there are some dank dark memsters that want to ruin’s people’s fun…but apart from that we try to help the best we can. You can always rely on WeMod Staff to help or even Pro’s


Hello, and welcome from a fellow nutty-potato. :upside_down_face:
Just saw this post while lurking and decided to post for the first time on the forums.

I myself have ADHD + HSP + Depression + Anxiety and a topping of Panic disorder. :space_invader:

Have a Great Day! :sun_with_face:


You’re not alone. I was socially inept until my early 20s and the residual effect is still there (get nervous sometimes in challenging situations). I also get sick easily from different health afflictions which sucks cause it stops me from living my life the way i want to. That annoys me the most out of everything else, to be honest i joked around about not hitting 30 still a few days before i am 30 though lol

Welcome to Wemod. You will find people here are extremely nice if you’re not in a prominent position :joy:


Hey it be dirty 30’s lol :joy: I know how you feel I’m 1 year off 30…yikes…

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Wait , your 30 and act like your old and dieing already ? Omg dude wait till your my age hahaha
I have been playing video games since when the ONLY place to buy a system and games was
Toys r us ! Was no gamestop , babbages! Your not old yet ! Lol

Seems we are kindred spirits @STN, I’ve got more health problems than I can shake a stick at (I’ve been told I’m a “walking pharmacy”). I know what you mean about not being able to live life the way you want to, it has been a struggle for me for many years some days. You have to live your life “around it” and that is frustrating.

The real “winner” for me was the time I went to see the doctor at 40 and a new nurse was looking at my chart. She said, “Usually people in their 60’s have such conditions, this is unusual”. Of course, she quickly realized she probably shouldn’t have said that when I responded, “Lovely, I have the health of a 60 year-old”. She apologized, but it is one of those things one doesn’t like to be reminded of. Just frustrating more than anything.

My dad is 87, and teases me he’s better off than me sometimes. All in good fun though as I hassle him about not using a walker when he stumbles all over the place, we both have our pride. I always tell him, “Only the good die young dad, I’ll outlive all my peers. My end would make too many of my adversaries happy, I can’t allow that”! I try to take it in stride, can’t change the cards we are dealt, but certainly don’t have to like it!

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@ptondo I might have you beat. My first gaming system was Pong, followed by the Atari 2600…yeah, I’m pretty old compared to most here.

There she be still have it. Almost got me 52 !!

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Holy cow! Wouldn’t have believed it. I havent seen a pong game in decades. And 3 joysticks for the 2600! I remember taking one apart and modifying another so that I had one joystick with two buttons so I didn’t have to use two joysticks. Nice collection. Don’t suppose you have a Intellevision and Colecovision (?spelling?) in your museum? I had both of those too.

I wonder if anyone would read a game “museum” and nostalgia thread here. Ah, the memories.

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same story here but i knew only hatred in the people i knew but i found a light i met people that where actualy good i discovered there are still good people in this world and if you need destraction play a game that what i did atleast and wemod mad it possible to use games more as relaxation then stress i can enjoy good stories without dying i had a shitload of problem i still have some
but I learned to overcome it and deal with it if you ever need help or just want to talk you can contact me after all that welcome to wemod and enjoy modding and cheating and never forget you are never alone


You just taught me something about myself!!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to actually include a Wikipedia link to HSP! That simple act made someone else’s life a little better today.

I am definitely on the high end of the SPS scale, I would not classify myself as HSP, but it still explains so much about myself. Wish I knew this about myself YEARS ago.

Maybe, just MAYBE I can return the favor with another obscure trait.


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