[Givaway] Bunch of games


Welcome to the givaway

Rules for entry is very simple, if terms are not met your entry will be declined
You will be needing to have a 1 month old account or Diamond / Pro Membership

The prizes are

To enter just post under to hold the topic alive and give others a chance to enter.
The keys was provided by @Hawk, be nice to thank him as well :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone


Thanks @MrPrecise & @Hawk



I will thank them if I win :smirk:


You got good odds ToryBoy.

Anyway forgot to say when it ends. Its in 2 days.
End of the week.

oh this is pretty cool :smiley: would be fun to win tho i won’t expect it hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

No more entries. I post the results in a minute

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That’s four minutes gone by…

EDIT: Just kidding by the way. No harm done.

Here is the list randomizer, this list is totally random O.o Sort of

And the winner is

[spoiler] **Troy**[/spoiler]

Edit: Troy? Want to be a smart ass? Maybe i should disqualify you and take the prize myself thx @Hawk

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ok ok, I said I will thank @Hawk if I won… so yea, thanks Hawk and MrPrecise for the Givaway.

No Prob Bob

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