[Givaway] GTA V & Dead Rising 4

Givaway Time

Welcome once a again to my givaway.
This time we willl have two prices, so how i will do it is as follows

I will make a randomnized list from random.org thereafter use the RNG for the site to pick two winners.
The first winner will get Dead Rising 4 and GTAV will go to the other winner.

Okey, now we have that out of the way. Please read the rules and post a dank meme when entering :slight_smile:

Requirements For Receiving The Game

- Steam Account - Need to be able to be added to gift the game.
### The rules - Follow or Die
- If you already have Diamond / Pro, then you can enter and ignore the two rules under this one. - One month membership (On WeMod, **NOT** Diamond/Pro) - At least 10 posts **OR** 10 likes. - When you enter, you have to post a dank meme - If you ask Meme God. Then you are Automatically Disqualified.

Post Under To Enter, Good Luck All!

This ends March 12th 8PM / 20:00 CET


My dank meme is the best one ever :stuck_out_tongue:


Best meme. Dankest of meme.

Not an entry, i’ve the games (sort of)

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I have to just Google Dank memes and I post what i get

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Its a awesome song as well ;3

Ummm, not that dank

You got dead rising yet? I bet

Google is nice isnt it. Could you tell me if he died?

Consider it a choose your own ending

:smiling_imp: Ok

Donald Trump. drops mic

I have some really dank reddit content but these games do not interest me. Theoretically, if someone like you were to offer kerbal space program as a prize, someone like me might have some dank to give. You know, theoretically.

Eh, who am I kidding. I will post memes anyway (later).

Bean… Laden , get it? :upside_down:

Another one, i saw it and thought about the origin of the users of WeMod dunno why:

ps:is not dank nor meme thou


Also technically, they can provide a trade link if I am not mistaken.
Like the one I have at the top of my profile Steam Community :: Kush Kong Big Dong

Sweet giveaway nonetheless

Here’s my meme-tax. Had to throw in some shade to Trump while I was at it.


Typo, dont bully me you feggit :cry:

Yeah well, its just easier to add people. Actually tried that before on another giveaway, the person that won wasnt able to come up with the link so easier to just add them. I do it to get friends on my friends list since i have non :frowning:

From r/toomeirlformeirl (a depresion version of r/meirl)

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Think about your family, thats your will to live

think about the new ryzen cpus and vega coming soon, and the new 1080 ti. :smiley: