Gloomhaven Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Since it’s the free Epic store game right now, would be nice if the trainer was updated to include Epic.

About 96% of Steam trainers work on Epic versions of the game and vice versa.
Click the down arrow on the far-right of the trainer to manually link the .exe.

Cheats for the steam version no longer work due to a version update.
It would be great if it could be updated.

They work for me. Try starting the game without any cheats active, and only activate them once you are in your campaign. Having them switched on when the game starts up caused them to not work like you describe, but if I have them all switched off at the start it’s fine.

(Except one-shot, that one does nothing)

Trainer not working, warns cheats might not work for this version, and they dont, no active cheats tell campaign loaded and still dont work, can you update please

They do work, just poorly. Never seen a game that give both enemies and pc’s unlimited health when the cheat is active :confused:
one-shot cheat still doesn’t work.

Hey Big Dog, I was hoping to run some tests. What do you think old man Gloomhaven’s chances are?

It looks like with the recent game update some of the modifiers like setting the perk points no longer work. Could we get an update please? Thanks for all the hard work!