God mode save editor/profile maybe

this new amazing arcade game that came out called God Mode.
Make a gold/xp editor would be great. Many people play it and would love it

Okay. I won’t have access to an Xbox till Monday, but do you have a savegame that I could take a look at? If there’s no savegame file, send me your profile in a PM.

Can you tell me how i can upload a game save?

edit: its not a gamesave, its a profile mod. no saves

Put your profile onto a memory storage device, open Horizon (I’m assuming you have it installed) and the device manager should appear (at the right-hand side). Select “Profiles” and your profile should be there. Drag the profile to your desktop. Once you’ve done that upload it to a site such as mediafire then private message (PM) Cheater912 your save.

[details=Picture Guide On Moving Your Profile]1. Turn your console on and go to the dashboard.

2. Navigate to the “settings” tab and select “system”.

3. Select “storage”.

4. Select “Hard Drive” (if you have your files on another storage device, then select that device).

5. Now select “Profiles”.

6. Find your profile and select it.

7. Click “Move”.

8a. If you are logged in to the specific account you’re going to move, you will receive this message. Select “Yes”.

8b. Finally, select your USB Storage Device.

Remove this post, I quoted my previous post instead of editing.

thanks i sent it to him and hopefully he can do it! i would like donate some extra money when i get paid

Tell me if an editor gets made. awesome game!

Just got this game and its so much fun would love to see an editor for it.

ive got my gpd if itll help: 584113CF.gpd
the stats are as follows: 10471 xp and 14080 gold
if u need a more updated gpd with different stats please let me know

gold offset. i couldn’t find the xp value. because it probably looks for a total xp. and there is probably a level that you are. so id need a total xp. to look for

You sure that’s right. According to my editor that offset falls inside of an image entry.

i only had 2 peices of info from the gpd to look for. thats the only value for what he said he had for gold. i dont have the game myself to test. i didnt like the demo. but i would like to have more info.

ill look into the off set and mod it and post back my results also if i fail pat if u mod it ill download and see if ur worked incase i pooped up

EDIT: ya i tried modding it with that offset and no dice

EDIT2: updated gpd: http://www.mediafire.com/?b9bchmc6p07ocus it has 15235 gold 22057 xp and 205235 gp which i have no idea what that is

I’m really excited to try this game out.

If you need more info let me now I have just got the game and only played one game so far not played all that much, If you need more info PAT or CHEATER just PM me.
Thanks guys.

It almost seems like you would need an xex file.

you do need an xex file…

Hope I see this happen this is one truly awesome game.

PM me the xex and if I find some time i will look into it and post my results.

Well I don’t know if you can switch the computer save to a xbox save, but I just tried cheatengine and that worked.