God of War PC

Sorry if this has been addressed but I could not find anything as a solution. Is it standard to assume that once this game launches on PC this week, some trainers will be developed for it? I don’t care to play it again (played on PS4) unless I can throw a few mods in. Thanks in advance!

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Assuming that a trainer is possible, yes you can expect to see one in WeMod.


Greetings sir!
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Im new, this game has been one of my three favorite of all times (Zelda, GOW and DDKR).
Im here really for this game than any other, i hope you guys can release a good one for this game and enjoy my new stay in this community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Out of pure curiosity what determines whether or not a trainer is possible for a game?

WeMod is usually really good about getting trainers for most games. I would be very surprised if they couldn’t do it for GOW. Typically they have trainers up within 1-2 days of games release. FLiNG and all the WeMod team are excellent at what they do.

Amazing thing then :slight_smile: