GOG und Uplay games are not working anymore [infinity 4]

on GOG i can not get witcher 3 to work and on uplay its for example watch dogs 2, ACO, Far Cry 5 (and 4, primal). all games NOT recognised as installed. if i go on the trainer click on game not found, then fix, then select the game .exe, the game will be recognized. BUT if you choose another game and then come back, ther is just NOTHING, pure emptiness. no trainer to choose, no info just NOTHING.
this happens witch all games where you fix it manually by select game exe

steam, origin and MS marketplace games are seems to working fine.

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i did a test with witcher 3 (gog)

here i can play it, but if i go out of focus/ to another trainer (witcher 2 for exampel) and come back it looks total empty with no interaction etc.

this is the same with other games that need manually file selection (e.g. non steam games)

this is a BUG in version 4, never happend with 3.

it happen with version guard installed or not. did also clean %appdata%\Infinity ans a clean install

btw. i am pro for what? i did nothing, it just changed to pro.


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We apologize for the bugs and are working to get them resolved as quickly as possible. You likely received Pro for donating hash power. You can learn more about it here: https://support.wemod.com/article/36-what-is-donating-with-hash-power

Same here mostly uplay but looks like it is also Orion Sim4 is now not working as well. I also just went Pro

Thanks for providing all of the screenshots! We will be looking into this and fixing it ASAP.

may be it hat to do with the way infity picks games

OLD: you select the game folder

new: you select a game.exe file

the new way is NOT good, because there in some case more the one game.exe file (dx9/ dx11 version for example). just look at Splinter Cell Blacklist, there you have
Blacklist_Launcher.exe (root directory)
Blacklist_DX11_game.exe (src\system)
Blacklist_game.exe (src\system)

what do you choose? and this is not the only one

what i mean: infiity 3 was fine, infinity 4 is broken by design,

It’s not broken by design, the design isn’t that different other than exploring games.

This bug will be fixed, don’t worry.

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it may sound harsh , so sorry.
but i found the old design better, i own a TON of games and find a scroll list like now not so charming. give us the power to decide.
scroll list
or (selectable)
the old speed dial design i do prefer

and for the bug(s) i mentioned, there are games that are affected and others that are not. i did a test run with games that are installed but not recognised (owned) by infinity.
crysis 3 nope
dead space 3 yes
dragon age inquisition yes (all 3 origin)
dying light enhanced edition (gog) yes
far cry 4/ 5/ primal (uplay) nope (would be interesting to test far cry 4 on steam, cause i own it on steam and uplay)
hellblade senuas sacrifice (gog) yes
kingdoms of amalur reckoning (origin) yes
splinter cell blacklist (dx 11 exe/ uplay) nope
watch dogs 1/ 2 (uplay) nope
witcher 3 (gog) nope
assassins creed origins (uplay) yes
gears of war 4 (demo) windows sore / no trainer available but so far thumbs up XD
mass effect andromeda (origin) yes (was already selected as owned)

We’re pushing an update that fixes the blank trainer list page. Thank you for the detailed descriptions and screenshots :+1:

just updated and so far thumps up XD

Just tried and its working at my end. Games now show up.

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Frost punk sometimes locks up on launch good news it’s still playable and i got far in this and brought discontent to %0