Going to start recording stuff

So for Christmas I got a Capture card and plan on starting to record to upload to youtube, So i want some suggestions on what i should play.

I have an Xbox One, PS4, and PC
I also have a gamecube and xbox 360(this capture card can record gamecube i think)

You can see what steam games I have

I do not play horror games so please don’t suggest them as I will not play them.


if you don’t play horror games then that makes it even more fun to watch you play them.

dead space 2.

do it.

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Yes, this is what we need… Another kid making “Let’s play” videos…

Oh come on, don’t be such a grouch. Everyone has to start somewhere.


Yep another 22 year old kid

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If you don’t like let’s plays then don’t watch them.

If I could give you any advice, it would be to just pick a few games to start off with. The larger your selection the less views you’re going to get because people like consistency. Use analytics to figure out which games draw the most attention and then focus on that group.

If you want to do a large selection of games, I would stream on Twitch instead. People love a streamer with a great personality and someone who will interact with their viewers.

Streaming 101 podcast is full of really great information for people getting started:

Thanks Zodiac, I’ll check out that video.

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I just feel like the supply for let’s play videos is growing faster than the demand.

Making let’s play videos might be a start but It’s a hard market to compete on and you will have an easier time growing elsewhere.

really, Like? also not once did i mention doing let’s play videos. just saying

I find Tutorial videos seem to attract attention. But trying to find something that’s original and not already studied can be the challenging part. Short videos are generally best but I personally feel that short videos are a lack of effort on the creators part, but on the other hand you are taking into account that not everyone has the Internet power to play longer videos or may be short for time and simply want the faster option.

If you are adding commentary, you need to be interesting, humourous but not stupid unless you feel it’s your personality and are confident.

Since we are talking about video games in a general sense, I would recommend in-depth but simple guides to defeating enemies, gaining achievements, unlocking exclusive content, ‘speed-guides’ to attain higher ranks and/or level completions etc.

This is all just my personal opinion and what I find to be true when creating a YouTube channel. I did attempt to go down this road myself but I lack the time at this stage of my life with family commitments, work, recreational time, religious commitments, and amoung other things to dedicate myself to it.

I hope you found this information some what useful :+1:t2:

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I have no education in marketing nor do I have experience in YouTube but I have noticed an increase in “Let’s play” videos, many of them being of poor quality and even some decent ones with next-to-nothing traffic. My best guess is that you could try to make tutorials, tips and tricks or similar videos since bad or inpatient gamers needs them. And the reason I said “Let’s play” in my first post is because it sounds like you are going to record gameplay with commentary.

Or what troy said, his post is better written than mine.