Google chrome trouble

Hey guys, i’m not amazing with computers, but i am having trouble with good chrome… It keeps adding extensions to the browser without my permission… how do i stop this from happening??

And also i am not able to download apps onto my browser… Not having much look, But i would love somehelp.

Thanks in advance!


Make sure when you download something you don’t accidentally accept a third party extension. It’s not neccesarily chrome but you adding the extensions.

I am very careful when downloading items, so im certain that it isn’t anything to do with that.

I’m pretty sure chrome doesn’t plug extensions out of thin air. You might have missed something when installing a program. Or you have a virus. Better clean yourself up.

This was happening with me and I had to go into “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google” and delete 2 folders that were obviously not an extension I wanted because the name was something like “aebfeufoqhefqrogehgowe” and all the others were their normal names. I’m not sure what folder I had to go into, or even if I did but I do remember deleting a folder named something like that. Hope I kinda helped.