GoWJ - Level 50, Max Prestige & Reaper Slayer Profile

I’ve just made a quick dummy profile for anyone that wants to use it. It’s an offline profile however if you decide to try it on Xbox LIVE it will work - extremely risky though. This profile contains the following features:

  • Level 50i[/i]
  • Prestige 12i[/i]
  • Epic Reaper Title Unlocked(Onyx medal)
  • Reaper Slayer Animated Weapon Skin(For every starting weapon)
  • 17 Epic Prizebox(Open to recieve a random reward)
  • 2 Rare Prizebox(Open to recieve a random reward)
  • 1 Normal Prizebox(Open to recieve a random reward)

Here are some screenshots:

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

(Max Prestige + Reaper weapon skin[size=14] + prizeboxes)[/size]
Edit -Added a new profile due to popular demand; this profile contains the following:

  • Epic Reaper Title Unlocked(Onyx medal)
  • Reaper Slayer Animated Weapon Skin(For every starting weapon)
  • VIP Pass Title Unlocked(Onyx medal)
[size=14][i](Reaper weapon skin only[size=14])[/i][/size][i][/size][/i]

Nice, good job.

Does anyone know if the rank glitch works like in gow3?
As in the sign out sign in glitch. If it does work, where do we do the glitch?

Thanks for this.

Were you able to unlock all the characters and get them to stick?

Nice, why only a few prizeboxes though?

[i]EDIT: Sorry was on my phone, which is why my post was brief. I didn’t realise there was 17 Epic Prizeboxes, and I think those are the best ones? I still don’t know why only a couple of Normal/Rare ones though.

Downloading now, thanks for this. Also thanks for modding my profile the other day for Reaper medal and skin, you still not figured out how to make armour/weapon skins and characters stick?[/i]

[i]EDIT 2: Got some pretty sick unlocks, including Gold armour skin :smiley: I think I should be good to duplicate the profile with a different name and resign the player data to that profile with Horizon, worth a try so I can see what else I can unlock.

EDIT 3 (LIKE A BOSS) : I can confirm that renaming the profile, then simply transferring the data over to the USB and selecting that profile will work. Also the unlocks are different, so there is an infinite number of possibilities. I am writing down what outcomes I get as a .txt file and plan on creating at least 10 different profiles. If you lazy people want I can upload them, then you can choose which one suits you best.[/i]

Wouldn’t equipping the Epic Reaper character, Epic weapon skins, medals and such, and then taking the profile to your retail and playing the profile offline work as well? Possibly even carrying over to Xbox Live by renaming the profile and joining Xbox Live?

He didn’t mention Epic Reaper character?

I’d be interested if it was rank 1, prestige 0 but had the ‘Reaper’ title/skins as it’ll be tough to find one eventually and those who start have the opportunity.

No doubt, he didn’t mention it. However what I’m saying is, if he were to equip the character and skins on his RGH / Jtag and someone were to download the profile, ect. Would it work like Gears of War 3 where the skins would stick?

Wait a minute you have to have an RGH to do this?

No I only brought up the RGH / Jtag because that is what was used to rank up / unlock skins and whatnot.

No; there are server side checks which are done which will check if your allowed (or not allowed) to use the Epic Reaper character skin.

I’m not at home right now I’m on my phone, the way it works is unlocks will only stick if they’re actually unlocked to that specific profile. You don’t unlock the Reaper character skin, I can only use it if I’m on my RGH as it allows me to edit the way the game itself works. I’ve noticed some things sort of stick but don’t, for example on my RGH I can use Incendiary Grenades by selecting them in the character menu, when transferred to retail it still shows selected grenade as Incendiary, but then when you actually get into a game it changes back to a normal frag. I can make a profile tomorrow with just the reaper title and weapon skin unlocked at level 1, but the prize boxes come from levelling up so they eon’t be on it

What about other skins, do they stick? Weapon/character and armour skins.

Is there a way to get a modified profile with the reaper skin on, so you can kill it with your main account offline and get the title in a “legit” way?

Or just the same account with the skins and the medal but not the lvl 50 and prestige stuff, D:

Cool share ,Thanks mate…

Level 50 is fine but no re up with all the unlocks sounds good to me.

Could anybody tell me how to do this SPG for the profile to stick to mine?

I second this. Would be great on retail. Ive been tracking reaper on twitter and i havent found a single game :confused:

As much you second it, third it, fourth it - it wont be possible. At least - not as of now?

The only way to use the “Epic Reaper Character Skin” is to be listed on their servers. So, when playing offline I don’t believe the skin will be available for you even if you do have it.

Transferring it over is physically (as of now at least) impossible.

Wrong, it has nothing to do with their servers. You CAN have it equipped if you find means of unlocking it that don’t require modified DLC. You’d need to edit the Coal yourself to unlock the Reaper, and figure out the checks in order for it to work. Then you’ll be able to transfer the character to your retail without issue. The only reason the Reaper doesn’t stick now, is because everyone is using FatPat’s DLC file to unlock the characters which in turn makes them “DLC”. Without the DLC on the console you’re using, you won’t be able to use the characters. Just like when you transfer your profile and savegame to a friend’s xbox and they don’t have one of the DLC weapon skins you bought.

Im so damn lost…
what the heck is RGH? Coal?
Is there a way to add this to my current silver account.( now off line)