Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Save Editor by XB36Hazard

So the Infinity website was down for the editor, but now it is back up and Hazard updated everything, so you can now mod your San Andreas save from here:

Also instructions, because it could be confusing:

  1. Click this icon
Open Me

  1. Then sign in if prompted to and click this icon
Open Me

  1. After you click that icon you should be brought to a menu like this
Open Me

  1. Now just click the “Submit” button and search for your San Andreas save that you extracted to your desktop from Horizon. Note that it should be named “GTASAsf1.b

been using this for a while now but i do know when you mod the weapons you have and it you pick up any other weapon it will replace it with the weapon you picked up and you WILL NOT have unlimited ammo…just a little FYI for anyone…but everything else works great